If you're anything like me, you've probably used this extra quarantine/stay-at-home/too scared to go outside and do anything/social distancing time to pick up a new hobby, try out new recipes, or learn a thing or two about your community. Of course, working from home still comes with it's own responsibilities, but when you do get extra time, it's worth adding something new to your tool belt.

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Today, I reached out to our listeners and made a simple proposition - for you guys to share a small Texas town with a funny name. I DID NOT THINK I WAS GOING TO GET SO MANY RESPONSES. Really, y'all. You came through in the biggest way, and at the same time, I learned a lot about my state I'm so proud of.

I gathered a few of your responses from our Facebook posts to share with you before we get to a list of my absolute favorite Texas towns (some not just for their funny names).

Cassie K. shared "New York.... there is a church, a feed store, and a cemetery there. ( and that's it)" - Another Texas town named after a major, and probably more well known city; here's looking at you, Paris, TX.

David A. shared "Forney and their mascot is the jackrabbits" - Do with that what you will, but hey, I laughed.

Lorraine B. and Brenda P. both shared Waxahachie - that one will forever make me laugh. I'm just happy I got that one spelled right on the first try.

You may have heard of these towns, but get ready, because there are a few I'd definitely never heard of. Thanks, Texas.

My Favorite Small Texas Towns With The Funniest Names

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