Uncle Lucius is a band I was introduced to about three years ago by a listener, and I've been a huge fan since. Their music has been featured on television shows like Castle and Friday Night Lights. Last week your favorite uncle was hanging out with me on Radio Texas, LIVE! If you missed it, here's the recap.

They call their sound Southern Outlaw Soul. Lead singer Kevin Galloway's vocals are amazing, so smooth, so soulful. Some of the best you'll ever hear. But he's not a one man show, the entire band is tremendous. When Uncle Lucius perform it's almost overwhelming. Check out this live performance of "Keep the Wolves Away," you'll understand.

"This one's a true story," Galloway says of the song, "It's about my father. I grew up in Free Port Texas, chemical plants refineries and such... My father was a blue collar worker, in the grind down there, and was hurt in a chemical accident. [This] kind of formed what I'm doing now, kinda of changed things."

The first single released to radio, from their brand new album "And You Are Me," is a tribute to Townes Van Zandt, titled "Pocket Full of Misery."

Uncle Lucius is one of those bands you're excited about being the first to discover. Because then you get to be the one to introduce them to your friends. So go ahead, tell everyone you know. You don't even have to tell them you heard about Uncle Lucius from me. Say something like, due to your great taste in music iTunes suggested them. I'm cool with that.

For your RTX-xtra here's Five Questions. Spoiler alert: Hal Vorphal, Jon Grossman, Michael Carpenter, and Joshua Greco all got their questions right. Lead singer Kevin Galloway is the only one who got buzzed.

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