This is the epitome of what not to do...ever. Seriously, this isn't funny, nor does get you any 'respect' whatsoever. A social media influencer by the name of Ava Louise is getting a lot of feedback on social media right now for her creation of the 'coronavirus challenge'.

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Louise recorded the video on March 14 for Tik Tok, then later posted it to her Twitter account. In the 6-second clip set to music, you can see Louise crouch down, lick the toilet seat, the flash the peace symbol to the camera. Let me tell media let her have it.

One user said that "her ex probably brushing his teeth as we speak", while another chimed in saying "her parents must be so proud".

Louise said she created the video for clout, but that she didn't believe her actions were bad. She spoke with Business Insider saying that she was "tired of some b---- named corona getting more publicity than ME." She added that "hot blondes" can recover from anything so there's "no harm done."

If she created the video for attention, she achieved her goal. But honestly, this is ridiculous and she shouldn't "influence" anyone.

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