A Seattle police officer was caught on video saying that he's leaving the department due to being tired of anti-police demonstrations in the city.

The video was posted to Twitter on Saturday. Although it's not clear who took the video.

The officer, who hasn't been identified, can be seen pulling up to protesters and rolling down his passenger-side window and asking a protester, "having a good day".

"Not really, you're around," the protester responds. We never see the protester's face in the video.

"Oh, well I'm sorry for that. But don't worry man, because guess what? I'm leaving," the officer responds. "You guys won. F---ing two months baby, I'm out."


The protester then asks how the officer feels about leaving, to which to the officer responds, "I feel f---ing great."

The officer then gets out of his cruiser to shout at another group of protesters that are just out of the frame of the video. When he gets back in the car to address the first protester, the protesters begins to taunt him.

"Hey are you triggered boy? You triggered? Oink oink. Oink oink. Yeah f--- you and your blue lives boy. F--- you and you're blue lives," the protester can be heard saying.

The officer then asks the protester why they can't be friends. The protester then responds, "No we ain't ever going to be friends. We'll never see eye to eye. I don't give a f--- if you're taking that badge off you'll never be my people, you'll never be my friend."

The Seattle Police Department did not comment on the video.

Seattle has been the scene of regular Black Lives Matter and anti-police protests since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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