As East Texans were settling in Sunday evening, a visitor decided to give everyone a brief show. A meteor was spotted over East Texas and was captured on video several times. The meteor was scene outside of East Texas as well. Check out the impressive videos that were captured.

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Last night around 9 p.m., many in East Texas saw a bright light traveling northwest across the sky. That bright light was, in fact, a meteor entering the atmosphere and burning up. On the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page, two reports came in from Holly Lake Ranch and Winnsboro of a loud enough boom that it shook there house. One thought that a gas well had exploded.

We are currently able to view the Perseid Meteor Shower over us. It was confirmed, however, that this meteor did not come from that meteor shower. NASA Meteor Watch replied to a couple of Facebook question about that saying "Not a Perseid - Wrong direction and way too slow."

The videos of the meteor are pretty impressive themselves. Multiple Ring doorbell cameras were able to get a great view of the meteor. One great video shows the meteor coming down while driving down the highway.

East Texas was not the only area to see this meteor. Sightings were reported as far North as Oklahoma and as far South as Houston and San Antonio. You can check out for a full list of sightings across Texas.

All in all, East Texans were pretty excited to see this phenomena overhead. The only thing now is do our best Joe Dirt and load it up in a Radio Flyer red wagon.

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