It's Taco Tuesday, so this afternoon I stopped by Fuzzy's Taco on Old Jacksonville in Tyler, TX for some tacos. Turns out I wasn't getting any tacos today, not at this Fuzzy's location at least.

As I pulled up I noticed that the parking lot was empty. When I got to the front doors: locked. So what's going on? I'm not sure. I called their number looking for answers and no one answered. I hopped on their Facebook page, and the last post was in '21 -- I know I've had tacos since then.

The only really clue, and it's not a satisfying one in the least, but according to their Facebook page they are "temporarily closed." Of course that's not enough info for me.

I did a quick search and found that I'm not the only one who stumbled upon their locked doors today. Moncia G. asked in the Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, & Recomendations page "Does anyone know why Fuzzys on Old Jacksonville is closed?"

I wish I did, Monica.

So, I turned to the comments hopeful for some answers, not a whole lot of help waiting for me there. Matt R. cheekily suggested that the closing had something to a rant posted the other day on the same page. I'm assuming this one from Kat S.:


I'm not certain that one Rant has that type of power though.

Several people suggested that it had something to do with a downturn in service and food quality. Jamie L. wrote "Because they have bad nachos and hot margaritas or something." Not a good thing for a taco shop to have.

But that's an answer, the last time I went I enjoyed the food. Some folks wondered if it's because "people don't want to work anymore" while other's blamed COVID. One woman said they posted they were closing their doors, I couldn't find that post anywhere though.


Maybe I'll call again tomorrow and see if we can find out what exactly happened. Or maybe I'll just head to the other Fuzzy's on Troup.

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