I quit using Walgreens in Tyler, TX, years ago. Even before COVID I couldn't devote the amount of time necessary it took to get questions answered over the phone, or to the long lines required to pick up a prescription. It was just too frustrating.

And I point out pre-COVID because this problem, while I'm sure has been compounded thanks to the worldwide pandemic, has been an issue for so much longer. I'd say around 2016, after years of just dealing with it, I finally switched to another pharmacy here in Tyler, and I've had zero issues since. ZERO.

Today a frustrated customer took to the Tyler, TX Rants, Raves, & Recommendations to express the problems they've been having with Walgreens, and a flood of memories came rushing back. I'd forgotten how bad their customer service was -- but judging from the comments most East Texans have not:


But maybe, just maybe, the company isn't aware they aren't serving our community to a high enough standard. I can't believe that this level of systemic problems, extending over this much time, can be placed only on the local pharmacist, techs, and employees at the store.

As one commenter pointed out:

I have a family member that works at Walgreens. They have had internet problems for the better part of a month. She comes home from working long shifts or even calls me on her 15 minute break to cry and break down. She says that people are always so angry and she understands that location in particular is busy and why. She just needs a positivity boost.

Time for someone up top to step up for y'all and give you what you need. I like to think of myself as a benefit-of-the-doubt-kinda guy, and that we can all improve ourselves. So, hey, Walgreens, I think you can do better.

True, I've never run a drug store, but other pharmacies seem to have gotten it figured out. Your customers are hurting, and your employees seem to be taking the brunt of this. You're a massive company and I believe you're capable of better things. Maybe this East Texas relationship is salvageable. But you're going to have to fix a few things first. And, hey, HMU when you do.

And if your company is actually doing the best you can to support your employees and service your customers, let me know. I'm always excited to learn something new and gain a better understanding of how anything works.

To any employees who may read this, keep your head up. I understand you're busting your butts. And folks, let's all remember that we're all in the same boat; and that yelling at a frontline worker never helps. We all get frustrated, but that's never the correct solution.

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