They come from a company located just outside of Houston, TX. You know the saying "everything is bigger in Texas"? What if I told you everything can become a bulletproof shield in Texas, too?

Suck it, Captain America.

Actually, "Captain America's only weapon is his shield, a concave disk 2.5 feet in diameter, weighing 12 pounds, which is made of a unique Vibranium-metal alloy that has never been duplicated." So, that'd be pretty rad to own too.

Anyway, this company, Armor Upfitters, is known for making lightweight bulletproof panels that stop large rounds cold. Their ballistic panels are used in all kinds of applications, including armored vehicles. These lightweight panels are able to protect without adding too much weight, which is why they are able to do this.

While we specialize in bulletproof shields, wall hangings, and signage, our ballistic panels are available in any size for nearly any application. Our goal is to provide the lightest, most effective, bulletproof products on the market. We can even upfit any vehicle. See "Request Pricing" option. The applications are endless, and we are eager to address your safety needs.

And it's very true that these beautiful pieces of art could save your life one day, they also make great conversation starters as well.

House guest: "Oh my God, I love this gorgeous artwork above your mantle, Lisa."

Lisa: Pulling if off the wall and sliding it onto her arm, "It's so much more than just a beautiful piece of artwork, Jesse!"

The possibilities are endless. The company even suggests using it at businesses or even schools to protect your employees or students. Regardless where you keep yours, it is pretty cool. Check out more here.

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