Ever since the Tyler Albertson's store at Troup and the Loop closed its doors, I've been wondering what store will move into that location. The building has been vacant for over more years. Well, finally Tylerites, we know what will move into the building --  a Walmart Neighborhood Market. The City of Tyler confirmed Monday that Walmart Neighborhood Market applied for a building permit in September. The application is still under review, but it's a good sign for shoppers and other businesses in that shopping center. Yes, there is a Walmart Supercenter just two miles away, but this would offer something different.

A Walmart Neighborhood Market isn't like the other Walmart Supercenters in town. It's only a grocery store, and that means convenience for shoppers.

The building is more than 80,000 sq ft. and since the building permit is still being reviewed and negotiated, there's no word when renovations will begin to open the new store.

Here are reactions from other business owners in the shopping center:

"I think Walmart's as good as any as far as being able to bring the people and generate some traffic through the shopping center," said Daniel Boone's restaurant owner, and neighbor to vacant space, Dan Boone.

Boone also commented that when Albertson's went out of business, the center also lost more tenants. So hopefully with the opening of the "Walmart Neighborhood Market", more new business will move in. While no one knows what exactly the new store will look like, it will soon be another option when it comes to buying groceries.

The Market will also bring in jobs into the area. Walmart Neighborhood Markets employ, on average, 80 to 100 people at each store and offer about 28,000 items. Like other Walmarts, the Neighborhood Market stores are open 24 hours a day.

So, now we know Tyler!


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