We know law enforcement here in East Texas is doing everything possible to protect and serve but from time to time they ask for public assistance when trying to round up some suspects that are hiding. It's not exactly shocking that these suspects don't want to go to jail but they have have active warrants out for their arrest and they need to be held responsible for their actions.

These five people listed below had details shared last month on the Anderson County Crime Stoppers Facebook Page and originally there were thirteen wanted suspects. If my math is correct that means eight people have already been located and were arrested, but law enforcement is asking for public assistance to locate the remaining five people with active warrants.

These Criminals in Anderson County Are Facing a Variety of Charges

It's interesting to see so many people facing theft charges out of Anderson County, it makes you wonder if they were using that money for drugs. But other charges that were listed by the sheriff's include engaging in organized crime, aggravated sexual assault of a child, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and lots of other charges you can see listed below.

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You Can Get a Reward If You Help Anderson County Crime Stoppers

If you have information leading to the arrest of any of these individuals you could be financially rewarded. Just call the Anderson County Crime Stoppers at 903-729-TIPS (8477). Thank you to all law enforcement trying to keep our streets of East Texas safe.

Here are the individuals with the active warrants:

Wanted Criminals Out of Anderson County, Texas

Here is a list of 5 wanted criminals out of Anderson County in Texas.

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