Mistakes happen, but how you face those mistakes will make a big difference in your life. The Longview Police Department and Municipal Court is offering their warrant amnesty program but it's almost over, and before it's shut down this is your final reminder to take care of any issues that might be sitting over your head. This program allows anyone with an active outstanding warrant the opportunity to save money and get a fresh start.

The program began on January 1st and the final day it will be offered will be April 30th, 2022. Just last year alone there were 555 warrants that were cleared during this program. If you want to face that warrant and save some money at the same time, this is your chance don't miss out.

How Does the Warrant Amnesty Program Work in Longview, Texas?

The Longview Municipal Court will remove all fees associated with the warrant being issued when a citizen voluntarily contacts the court to pay a minimum of 1/2 the total amount due and begins a payment plan for the remaining balance. It shows that you're trying to get this cleared up and wanting to put this mistake in the past.

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You Can Save Even More Money With the Warrant Amnesty Program in Longview

Beyond just saving on the warrant fees, if you pay all costs in full you can save an additional 20% off the fine amount. The savings is on the fine, not on the court costs. The more you owe, the more you can save until the end of the month.

The court will work with individuals who don't have the money to pay half down or in full, if you're willing to make an effort to contact them. It might seem scary, but they really want to eliminate as many outstanding warrants as possible.

To participate in the warrant amnesty program you can visit the court in person at 302 W. Cotton Street inside the Longview Police and Courts building. Or call the Municipal Court at 903-237-1186. Don't wait to get rid of that warrant.

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