Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I ran across this video, shared by a friend of mine, of some people that built Snoopy's WW1 Flying Ace doghouse and took into flight. You have no idea how much my inner child was gleaming with happiness.

I did a search on Youtube and found the channel "The RC Geek". The video is three years old but still is great to watch. These guys apparently are drone and remote controlled airplane enthusiasts and had this flight on display at a show.

Snoopy has had several adventures as the WW1 Flying Ace as he patrols the skies looking for the Red Barren. It usually ends in an intense dog fight (pun intended).

For us who are big fans of Snoopy, myself included, this video brings the biggest smile to my face. It's just cool to see the imagination of Charles Shultz created in real life.

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