When Buddy Logan wrote about being able to watch G.I. Joe on Youtube, I got a big grin on my face (I didn't touch it, thought). Yesterday evening, I fired up my PS4, went to the Youtube app and starting watching one of my favorite cartoons as a kid.

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There is something about going back and watching these iconic cartoons of the 80's. The dialog is super awkward and the action is ridiculous. I mean, there are a thousand bullets flying but not a single person gets hit. But a couple of bullets will blow up an entire plane.

It's so fun, though.

I feel for my mom and dad now because of all the begging I did to buy me the action figure of my favorite character so I could make my own stories in my bedroom. The nostalgia is strong with Youtube. Check out those great episodes of G.I. Joe while you're locked down.

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