Growing up in Lindale, behind our house on Legion Hills Road, was my grandmother's pasture. She had many cows that grazed the whole area. They would even come up to our barbed wire fence where me and my sister would pet and feed them.

There was one summer day that I went down to play in the creek that was in that pasture. As I was walking back to the house, I was about 100 yards away from a group of those cows who had a couple of calves. I knew better than to approach the cows without some sort of fencing in between us so I just looked and kept on walking.

That did not stop the mother from charging at me from that distance away. Needless to say, I booked it and got back to the house.

This story leads into this story from Friday where a woman in New Jersey was attacked by her own bull according to Owner Wendy McDermott was attempting to get her bull back onto their property.

As she was guiding the bull down the road, he mounted the front end of her truck. She did get the animal back to the gate. When she got out of her truck, the bull than charged her, causing several lacerations and bruises.

Police arrived to help with the situation when the bull charged one of the patrol cars. At that point, officers had to fatality shot the bull. McDermott stated that the bull had been overly aggressive recently and had even attacked her husband.

Moral of the story, even if a bull or cow is fed by you, loved by you and always around you, doesn't mean that it's animal instinct won't kick in a some point and consider you a threat for no reason.

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