Spring is just around the corner and if you live in Dallas, TX, or anywhere in The Lone Star State, now is the time to begin snake-proofing your home.

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The first day of spring this year is March 19th, and if you weren't aware spring is the season that snakes are most active. According to a recent poll, "one in 10 American adults and 1 in 5 teenagers will deal with a specific phobia disorder at some point in their lives." According to me, 100% of everyone is overwhelmingly afraid of snakes.

But you're not alone, "the most common fear – one shared by nearly one in three U.S. adult citizens – is of snakes,according to a YouGov poll. Guys, that's more people than are afraid of heights, spiders, or public speaking.

And you're not going to have luck avoiding them. Our reptile frenemies are found nearly everywhere on the planet. If you must avoid them altogether, you can live in five places: Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, or New Zealand. That's the whole list.

One thing that adds to us being afraid of snakes is that they can sneak right up on us, they aren't loud, and thus quietly ninja their way into our homes and lives. There are many ways snakes do this one of them even seems like an urban legend.

Here's a list of five potential ways snakes can enter your house this spring or even summer, hopefully, it'll give you a leg up on a potential legless reptile nemesis, who is likely visiting your attic, or up your toilet, in pursuit of prey or on the lookout for a safe place to lay some of their snake eggs indoors.

Be Aware: Top 5 Ways Texas Snakes Enter Texas Homes

According to a YouGov poll, "the most common fear – one shared by nearly one in three U.S. adult citizens – is of snakes." That's more people than who are afraid of heights, spiders, and public speaking. Here are five common ways they get into your home:

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