Preparing for Easter, you and the kids hard boiled and dyed a couple of dozen eggs for the big Easter egg hunt.

The time and creativity you and the kids put into this family bonding activity was well worth it and they all turned out quite cute. But now that those eggs have been through a few hunts and they just lie there in the kids' Easter basket nestled in that bed of grass, what are you going to do with them?

If you wait too long, those eggs will start smelling great!

Here are a few ideas on putting those hard boiled eggs to good use:

  • Turn them into deviled eggs
  • Mix them in to your favorite salad
  • Make a batch of egg salad
  • Make a quiche
  • Throw them into a breakfast casserole
  • Mix them in with your tuna salad

Of course the color of these foods will be altered a bit because of the dye used in the dying of the Easter egg, but can be a great conversation starter in the company lunch room!

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