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The holidays were insane for my family this year. We're a blended family with four kids. That meant going to a lot of family gatherings, with the kids opening a barrage of gifts.

Our 6-month-old boy was given this video game controller for Christmas at one of our stops. It is made by Fisher-Price and plays several sounds and songs all revolving around video games.

It's a great gift considering the boy is constantly wanting to chew on our Playstation controllers.

My wife came across a post on social media about these controllers claiming that you could put in "cheat codes" to get them to do hidden stuff. I went with the old standard: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

The sequence of sounds and the declaration that "You Win," are not what you normally get from randomly pushing buttons on the toy.

Looks like the rumors are true, which means I get to go look up more cheat codes to put in.

On the box, which I did not check, there is a hint that you can put in cheat codes to find the Easter eggs. It is written on the side of the box, which is small due to the way it's packed, so I didn't even notice it.

I also didn't think to look at the "instruction" booklet. I did what most parents do with baby toys. I took it out of the box and handed it to my kid.

From now on, I'll read the packaging a little more carefully. Well played, Fisher-Price.

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