We all know that Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews will be tying the knot in 2022, this is a love story that should be celebrated. This young couple has overcome obstacles that most of us will never know and they continue to lean on each other and navigate life in the spotlight. But the real question is what on earth would you buy this couple as a wedding gift? When I saw this property, I knew this would make the perfect wedding gift for Patrick and Brittany.

I'm guessing my invitation for the ceremony and reception is probably just taking longer than expected in the mail, but this perfect wedding gift is going to have to come from some of the teammates of Patrick Mahomes because I won't be able to gift the couple with a perfectly decorated Kansas City Chiefs themed house. But don't worry, I'm sure Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill could easily drop $275,000 for this duplex.

It's Not One Room With Decorations It's the Whole Property

When I say it has a Kansas City Chiefs theme to the duplex, I mean the whole house. Everywhere you look you will find the arrowhead logo, including on some ceilings and even floor tiles. While the home is in Joplin, Missouri it's only a couple hours from Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs play so a perfect little getaway place for the newlyweds.

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It's Not a Mansion But It's Perfect for Any Kansas City Chiefs Fan

While I'm sure Patrick and Brittany are perfectly happy in their own home, this place really is nice and could be a great rental property or vacation home for any Kansas City Chiefs fan who has some money to spend. Just look at how much Chiefs gear is all over the property in the pictures below:

The Ultimate Kansas City Chiefs House

If you love Patrick Mahomes or the Kansas City Chiefs you might wanna buy this home:

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