Whether you’re due a refund or you gotta pay Uncle Sam, your federal taxes will need to be postmarked by midnight Tuesday, April 17.  From past experiences, I’ve learned that if people are expecting a refund they’ll get their taxes done just as soon as that W-2 arrives in the mail, but those thinking they’ll have to pay a little or a lot will wait until the deadline to file that tax return (which I don’t blame them!).

Normally your taxes are due on April 15, but this year the feds have given us until April 17 to get them in.  So, if you haven’t prepared your taxes yet and are waiting until this weekend to do them and get them in the mail by midnight Tuesday, you’ll want to make sure you plan ahead on where to go to beat the deadline.

I did a little checking around East Texas to find out what post offices are going to be offering later hours so that you can get that important postmark by midnight on the 17th so that you can avoid fines and fees for being late on your taxes.

All Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Palestine, Athens main post offices will be closing at their normal times on Tuesday (between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. depending upon location). When I contacted the main post office in Lufkin yesterday afternoon, they still hadn’t made a decision whether or not they were going to open late or not.

The only way to get that important postmark is by dropping off your tax return at the East Texas Postal Processing Center. There will not be a postal representative in the parking lot collecting your tax return, but you can drop it in the normal blue box and they’ll collect them and process them right before midnight on Tuesday.

You can find the East Texas Postal Processing Center at 12621 FM 3311 Tyler (off of Highway 155 and Interstate 20 service road). The only other locations that will be open late will be in Dallas and in Shreveport.

Good luck on getting your taxes done and getting money back from Uncle Sam.