Usually, it takes two weeks to see your tax refund show up in your account, but this year it could take two months!  Why in the world is it taking so long?

I've read that federal returns go through fraud-detection reviews and accuracy checks, and if there are issues, they may ask you to verify your identity or they might ask for more information.  All of that takes time.

Because last year's federal tax deadline was extended to July 15th, the IRS got behind.  Way behind.  USA Today said they were still working on 1.5 million of last year's returns this year when the new tax returns started rolling in, and that created a backlog of paperwork which means a long wait for a refund for thousands of people, if not millions.

Some people are not impacted at all, and they are going on shopping sprees, doing home improvements, and putting down payments on cars right now.  I have friends who filed their tax returns later than I did, and they've already received their refunds, which kind of like it does in the doctor's office waiting room when you check in fifteen minutes ahead of someone who gets in to see the doctor thirty minutes ahead of you.  Oh, life is so unfair sometimes.  But we survived the doctor's office and we will survive the tax wait too.

My tax return was accepted by the IRS on March 9th, and I'm still waiting on the refund.  Every time I check the IRS website it says that the refund is "being processed and the refund date has yet to be determined."  A friend of mine whose return was accepted on March 3rd is in the same boat.  And maybe you are too.  But apparently, we didn't do anything wrong and our returns aren't being flagged or held because there's something to flag.  It's just an exercise in patience because things are way backed up.

It's taking 6 to 8 weeks for some refunds to arrive this year, instead of the usual 21 days.  More than double the time!  So, if you need some cash to tide you over, download our app and get set to win money that would arrive much faster.  Good luck!

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