Personally, if I got beer, whiskey or any other kind of spirits for my friends, I'd hear a big "Heck yeah!" But what does it really say about you?

Aaron Nemo, a comedy writer for The Huffington Post, has put together a pretty funny list of what the meaning is of your booze present.

  • Fancy Champagne - Means please give me that promotion
  • Case of Budweiser - Means I put a lot of thought into your gift while I was at the gas station
  • Southern Comfort - Means I found this unopened in my liquor cabinet
  • Home-Brewed Beer - Means you seem forgiving enough to forget how sick everyone got from this recipe last Christmas
  • Airplane Liquor - Don’t drink this all in one sitting (sarcasm ensues)
  • Lady Bligh Spiced Rum - You give off a "broke pirate" vibe

Read more of this list HERE.