We've talked many times about TikTok challenges that your teen is doing in Texas. Many of those challenges can be silly and fun while some can be stupid and dangerous. Teens love to do just about anything to get a like or a heart on their social media. A trend is going around that isn't dangerous but can be annoying and could make you want to slap your teen, mewing. Let's find out what it is and why teen boys, especially, are doing it.

What is mewing?

Mewing is something that anyone of us can do somewhat easily. You take your tongue and press it to the roof of your mouth and swallow. Supposedly, it's an exercise that can strengthen your jaw line. It can also help reduce a double chin, allegedly. All in all, mewing is a silly name but is something that could be worthwhile to do, even as superficial as it sounds.

This is Where Mewing Gets Annoying

Where mewing has gotten annoying is how teens are doing it. Both boys and girls will do it but it seems that teen boys are more apt to do it. They are using it as a way to avoid answering a question in the classroom or at home. The boys do it by placing their finger over their mouth like they're shh'ing someone and then running that finger up their jaw. This is to signal they are mewing and can't talk.

Get a full explanation in the TikTok video below:

@mr_lindsay_sped Replying to @Ohmygoodness Don’t let them hit you with the ! This one is called #mewing and thisnis what it is! #genalpha #slang #genz #middleschoolslang #teach #teachersoftiktok #teacherfyp #highschoolteacher #middleschoolteacher #mewing ♬ original sound - Mr. Lindsay

In a way, it's kinda disrespectful. If I were a teacher or parent, I would tell them to do that mewing on their own time and answer the question.

All in all, mewing is a trend that will probably go away just as quickly as it got started, just like those dumb social media challenges that go around. Parents, teachers, handle mewing as you see fit. You know what it is now and why they're doing it so it doesn't come as a shock if they do it to you.

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