Your favorite Texas fast food chain has got folks in Dallas, TX and across The Lone Star State excited for the new year, they've announced two new menu items for '24.

First things first. Everyone has gotten in on the iced coffee game, I'm surprised the Whataburger folks were able to hold out this long. If you live a few select cities you may've already tried it, but in the new year it'll be everwhere.

Their exclusive new Whataburger iced coffee can currently only be found in the San Antonio, New Braunfels, and San Marcos areas. After successfully rolling it out there, you can now expect Whataburger to be serving iced coffee at all of their locations in '24.

And while there will always be folks who aren't happy with any business calling what is for all intents and purposes chicken nuggets, "boneless wings," Whataburger is set to roll out their own version of the controversial named food in January.

Of course they will be called “Whatawings,” and the Whatawings will be available in buffalo, sweet-and-spicy, and honey barbecue flavors. But that's not all. According to reports they'll also have a special exclusive flavor too, "channeling the flavor of its popular breakfast chicken biscuits for a fourth wing flavor, honey butter."

No word on prices and it's unclear right now if either the Whatawings or iced coffee will be a part of their permanent menu -- or one of those mean seasonal menu items restaurants tease us with -- but I'll be giving both a spin come January.

Oh and if you can't wait 'til January for the wings, a reminder that many grocery stores here in Texas do carry Whataburger’s buffalo or honey butter sauce including H-E-B and Walmart.

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