I love me some 7-Eleven, and honestly I'm not sure why. Decades of marketing and pop culture inundation, I suppose. Well, after a 10-year absence from East Texas, Slurpee consumers rejoice! The popular convenient store is making its way back to Tyler.

According to a permit our news partners at KETK obtained from the City of Tyler, the construction of the convenience store and gas station has been approved to be built at 4300 S Broadway Ave. That's the corner of S. Broadway and the Loop

As reported by KETK, a construction company has yet to be named and there is no indication as to when the development will be open for business. Can't wait to fill up and grab a Big Gulp.

DYK: According to the company's Wikipedia page, their first outlets were named "Tote'm Stores" because customers "toted" away their purchases. Some stores featured genuine Alaskan totem poles in front of the store. It was in 1946, the chain's name was changed from "Tote'm" to "7-Eleven" to reflect the company's new, extended hours, 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Genius.

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