The entire planet, El Paso included, has been seeing some of the hottest temperatures of all time.

Turns out there's no end in sight, with some experts predicting there will be more record-breaking temperatures for the next 6 weeks.

So... what does this mean for Texas: Home of the Heat Dome?

First things first, a heat dome is not the name of the newest multi-purpose arena (*not just for sports!) going into a slot of downtown El Paso, nor is it the newest location for the Dallas Cowboys to practice in.

It's the name of the oven that's covering Texas.

Courtesy: USA TODAY
Courtesy: USA TODAY

More specifically, a heat dome is like a bubble that traps a high-pressure system and keeps it there for weeks or even months in this case.

Now, normally, weather systems move along and give us a break, but not with a heat dome. Scorching temperatures keep piling up day after day, turning Texas and the other affected areas into an oven.

The Texas Heat Dome of 2023 has already been parked over the state for 3+ weeks, and it could last just as long as the heat wave, which could be 6 more weeks.

Meaning - plan on spending the rest of summer with the heat dome. Make nice. It could be here for a while.

Can a heat dome really implode, though? Not exactly. It's more like a gradual fading out than a big, dramatic implosion.

A heat dome can also come with some serious medical consequences. It puts a strain on people's bodies, leading to more heat-related illnesses.

It also puts a strain on things like power grids and water supplies. Crops and plants suffer, and the risk of wildfires shoots up because everything is so dry.

Click Here for a list of cooling centers around El Paso, and make sure to keep checking on those loved ones.

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