Mother's Day is fast approaching, have you bought your gift for that special lady yet? It is time to make those flower arrangement orders. Not sure where to go to get those beautiful flowers? Here is a list of five great Tyler area flower shops that can help you out. 

My friend was babysitting a young boy while he played in a field. He picked a few small flowers for his mother. On the way to give her these flowers he stopped a young man to show off the gifts he had chosen for is mother. This very smart man told the boy, "Never stop giving your mother flowers. She needs to feel appreciated in every way you can show her and flowers are pretty and sweet. Your mother will always be one of the most important women in your life. That is why you can never stop giving her flowers."

What great advice. My friend and I discussed this token of wisdom later and decided that the young man was on to something.

What woman doesn't like being gifted flowers? And, it is very important to show appreciation to the woman that gave and cared for your life. Where would any of us be without a mother?

Since we are all a little too old to pick a couple of dandelions for Mother's Day, we need to get a bouquet from somewhere else. Where will you go? Why not try one of these great, local flower shops in the Tyler area?

1. Moss

2210 Three Lakes Parkway, Ste. 160 Tyler, Texas
(903) 787-8822 

This little shop is a great new addition to the Tyler area. Located in the Market shopping center next to Fresh, Moss is added a bit of bright color to the Jacksonville Hwy business growth. Moss will make sure your Mother's Day arrangement is unique and adorable.

2. French Peas Flower Shop

4601 Old Bullard Rd Tyler, Texas
(903) 939-3907 

At their convenient location, behind the Broadway Square Mall, French Peas Flower Shop is one of Tyler's long standing favorite places to get that great bouquet. They are masters of their skill. They say themselves, "[s]pecializing in the pave style, we are known for our signature nosegays, perfectly presented in our complimentary French Peas box!" There are few women that won't get excited to see that signature French Peas box on their door step.

3. Evoynne's

16920 F.M. 2493 Flint, Texas
(903) 894-5683

Based in Flint, just a bit outside of Tyler, Evoynne's is one of East Texas' best florists. Creating masterpieces of floral arrangements is an everyday thing. Their website is completely ready for your Mother's Day order, making your purchase that much easier. Don't miss out of this great business.

4. Red Barn Flower & Gift Shop

6611 S. Broadway, Ste. 800 Tyler, Texas
(903) 561-0101

Located near Cheddars on Broadway, Red Barn Flower and Gift Shop is a great little shop for everything Mother's Day. No matter the size of the bouquet, Red Barn makes the some of Texas' best arrangements. Don't forget to come see them. You know the saying, sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses.

5. Barbara's

2217 E. 5Th St. Tyler, TX
(903) 595-3278

Last on our list, but not the least. Barbara's florist shop has been a Tyler floral staple for years. Located in between Loop 323 and the Tyler Junior College campus, this little wonder has made its place in everyone's hearts. The bouquets leaving through their doors are sure to put a smile on any mom's face.
Don't wait too much longer to order your Mother's Day flowers. These shops will get busy fast and you don't to go against a smart man's advice and stop giving your mother flowers.
To all of the mothers out there, I wish you the best and most beautiful bouquets. The kind of floral arrangements you deserve!



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