If I had enough money to purchase a five million dollar home, I would put serious thought into this specific home that is currently for sale in Whitehouse. I don't have that money (until I hit the lottery), but this property has everything you could possibly want or need if you love to host friends and family. It's the most expensive home currently for sale in Whitehouse listed at just under $5 million dollars.

The address is 13245 South Hillcreek Road in Whitehouse with a total of 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The home on the water and just over 9,000 square feet sitting on 2.5 acres. Plenty of room to invite the whole family over to spend the holidays or just have some fun on a random weekend.

This House is Set Up to Have Fun

If you enjoying hosting parties this would be the perfect place for you. You're already on the water but this place also has a pool with spa. The garage is set up for 5 vehicles, and I love the outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and a grill. The home also includes a media room and exercise room.

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The Boathouse is Impressive As Well

Beyond the gorgeous mansion this house also has a 1250 square foot boathouse, that includes 3 boat lifts. This means you and your guests have a perfect place to pull up with your boat and enjoy some lunch before getting back on the water. You will not be disappointed with this home, and once you purchase it I will be happy to come visit.

Wonderful Whitehouse Home Could Be Yours for 5 Million Dollars

Here is the most expensive home in Whitehouse currently for sale. It's almost 5 million dollars, but it has everything you could ever need for hosting friends and family.

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