If you are going to steal anything, make sure you are not a doppelganger for a popular actor, because then your theft may not go as viral as this guy’s did.

The post caught the attention of thousands Tuesday (Oct. 23) because, yep, you guessed it, the guy is a dead ringer for David Schwimmer who played Ross on Friends.

I've seen a grand total of three Friends episodes, I just never got into the show, but something tells me this could have been an episode on the comedy.

Schwimmer did get wind of the theft and even recreated the incident on his Facebook page:

He signed off stating he wished the authorities the best of luck finding the culprit.

In a post update Thursday morning (Oct. 25), the Blackpool Police state they have indeed identified the suspect.

The Great Friends Caper has somewhat been solved. I suppose we could call this episode "The one where Ross didn't steal beer."

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