If you ask any East Texan what chain store they would love to have in the area, about 80 percent would have H-E-B in their top three. Brookshire's is king here, and nothing wrong with that, but we would like to see a little bit more grocery competition in East Texas. A video has been going viral from Oli Pettigrew, known as thatenglishmanintexas on TikTok. He is a transplant from across the pond to our great state and takes some time to sing the praises of his local H-E-B.

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Texas Transplant From England

Oli recently made a visit to his local H-E-B. He doesn't say what town he is in but that doesn't matter because we're just jealous he has a H-E-B close by. In his video he goes around the store talking about his personal highlights such as the Cranberry Pecan Turkey Salad, the sushi, the friendly cashiers and others. He actually calls the Cranberry Pecan Turkey Salad "the tastiest thing on planet Earth with crackers."

thatenglishmanintexas via TikTok
Cranberry Pecan Turkey Salad at His H-E-B - thatenglishmanintexas via TikTok

I like to have sushi from time to time. When I get a craving, I usually stop at Brookshire's and pick some up. They have some very good sushi at it's stores but from the looks of this video, H-E-B's looks a little bit better.

H-E-B Sushi - thatenglishmanintexas via TikTok
H-E-B Sushi - thatenglishmanintexas via TikTok
There is one thing, One Thing, that Texans absolutely point blank refuse to share with any of the other 49 states in America. Its theirs. Its secret. Makes them feel special. You can't have it! And its only three letters. Everyone in Texas already knows what I'm talking about. They're probably right now thinking 'Olie, Olie, don't tell them. They don't deserve it.' Its H-E-B. - Oli Pettigrew, thatenglishmanintexas on TikTok

We love to eat meat in Texas. We love to smoke meat in Texas. We love to grill meat in Texas. Having a great selection of meat is mandatory for any Texas grocery store.

Brisket at H-E-B - thatenglishmanintexas via TikTok
Brisket at H-E-B - thatenglishmanintexas via TikTok

Even the floral section of this H-E-B is great.

Floral Section of H-E-B - thatenglishmanintexas via TikTok
Floral Section of H-E-B - thatenglishmanintexas via TikTokthatenglishmanintexas via TikTok

Comments on Englishman's Viral TikTok Video about H-E-B

He loves his H-E-B as much as any native Texan.

The Viral Video

His four minute take on H-E-B is great. Check it out below:

@thatenglishmanintexas When we'd take trips to Texas one of the first things we would do is visit this store - now that we live here it's the best don't live in Texas? TOUGH - you'll have to visit here to try it. But - there IS one other place where you can find them, stick around to the end to find out #Texas #Texans #secret #HEB @H-E-B #country #CountryLiving #best #grocerystore #thatenglishmanintexas #thesouth #food #shopping #bargains ♬ original sound - Oli Pettigrew

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