If you ask someone from Tyler or Longview or Jacksonville, Texas what chain store they would love to have in the area, about 80 percent would have H-E-B in their top three. Brookshire's is king here, and nothing wrong with that, but we would like to see a little bit more grocery competition in East Texas. There is a Texan who isn't native to our state but he got here as fast as he could, Oli Pettigrew, also known as thatenglishmanintexas on TikTok. He is a transplant from across the pond to our great state and loves to take some time to sing the praises, and sometimes the weirdness, of all things Texas, including H-E-B.

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He Got Here as Fast as He Could

Oli Pettigrew loves to talk about his time living in Texas. Why its fun to listen about his time here is that is not a native to our great state. He's not even a native to our country. He is from England. That's what makes it so fun to hear his perspective on the land we love.

His Love of H-E-B

One of those Texas-centric things Oli will glow about in his TikTok videos is his local H-E-B. He never says exactly what town he lives in but from what I can gather watching his content is that he is in the Central Texas area. For this particular video, he talks about the H-E-B Meal Deal. Basically you buy the main course and H-E-B will throw in some sides for free.

This is Not New But Still a Fun Promotion

There is nothing new or special about a deal like this. Brookshire's has done this from time to time. Frankly, I wish all grocery stores would do it. It would certainly help those who are kitchen challenged to know what goes best with a main dish.

@thatenglishmanintexas Is @heb JUST a grocery store? Allow me to retort #HEB #thatenglishmanintexas #Texas #texan #country #CountryLiving #askATexan #publix #ralphs #viral #viralvideo ♬ original sound - Oli Pettigrew

H-E-B is Not the Only Texas Thing He Talks About

He Discusses the Weather...

@thatenglishmanintexas While I feel like I've kind of figured out Texans, and feel comfortable in Texas itself - there's one thing I haven't got my head around... The weather #Texas #Texans #thatenglishmanintexas #funny #Weather #winter #country #CountryLiving #ranch #askATexan ♬ original sound - Oli Pettigrew

What Some Say is the Greatest Burger in the State...

@thatenglishmanintexas SOOOO many people in the comments mentioned that the Andice General Store in Andice, Texas has the BEST burger in Texas. Well, we only live about an hour away so we decided to go and try for ourselves. Think you know a better burger? #stitch with this video or drop a recommendation in the comments! I'd love to hear about it #thatenglishmanintexas #burger #burgers #bestburgerintexas #texas #texasliving #CountryLiving #country #roadtrip #lonestar #lonestarbeer #tastetest #tastetestchallenge #travel #OliPettigrew ♬ original sound - Oli Pettigrew

Tries His Best at Hard to Pronounce Texas Town Names...

@thatenglishmanintexas Many of you have been sending the names of towns that you think I should visit - so seeing as we're iced in today I figured I'd sit down and give it a go Please feel free to #stitch and teach me how to get them right #thatenglishmanintexas #texas #Texans #accents #british #britishaccent #pronunciation #pronunciations #funny #challenge ♬ original sound - Oli Pettigrew

He's a Good Sport

He is defiantly a good sport about all of it, as are his followers. Sometimes, even channel followers can't get very abrasive when commenting on someone's content. I'm glad his followers are pretty chill and genuinely enjoy his videos. If you have a TikTok account, he is a great follow. If your girlfriend is like mine, she'll love his accent.

Whatever. My voice is deeper.

But I digress.

Follow thatenglishmanintexas on TikTok and have a good time watching him acclimate to our great state of Texas.

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