In Longview at Maude Cobb convention center Tuesday, February 12, there was an event called Forklift Rodeo according to KLTV. Um, why was I not told about this? I'm very disappointed in you East Texas.

So, yeah, I'm a little over excited about this but I've always had a fascination about forklifts. I've always wanted to learn to drive and operate one. There's just something about putting those forks into a 1,000 pound pallet and lifting it 20 feet to it's shelf.

This competition was part of Longview's Industry Appreciation Month. It involved two courses that tested a forklift driver's speed and precision driving skills. And apparently, this competition has been in Longview before as this was the first one in a few years.

I'm gonna have to figure out how to get on a mailing list for this event because I will be there to witness this next year. Maybe I can get a lesson or two in how to drive a forklift, too.

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