Confession I spend way too much time on TikTok in fact it's probably much longer than any human should. I love how much I can learn, no it's not a complete waste of time. Although I do understand that it can be used to just waste time altogether however there are so many hacks I have learned.

The latest hack I learned will have me earning my vacation spending money. I recently watched a TikTok video where a lady found $137 after she went in and cleaned out her dryer. Her video got many of us off the couch and jumped into action on how to go about cleaning out our dryers.

It's not as simple as I anticipated but it's a video that has been dueted multiple times by many who claim they did it and got some cash from their dryers.

Obviously washing our clothes and drying our clothes causes us to lose matching socks, but does it cause us to lose money as well? According to this TikTok yes. I anticipate finding some cash since I often carry cash with me I can't stop thinking about all the cash I have left behind in my previous dryers.


@lorrsevenn#duet with @chadsigmachi TikTok always making me do something at the weirdest times of the night ‍♀️ #fypシ

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