So we all remember back to school shopping with Mom and Dad when we were kids.

No doubt at some point you were going to a store you loathed, and Dad would pick up that beautifully stiff pair of cardboard-hard jeans, and then try to convince you that they would "loosen up."

Of course they just happened to be off the bargain rack! As I get older, I understand the impact that school clothes had on my parents' wallet, and why I always had a trusty pair of Rustler jeans close at hand in the closet.

Well, worry no more my fellow friction-feeling friends. Help is on the way!

How about a pair of pants (jeans) with a 25-year guarantee? Thats right, 25 years! Sounds like one of those late-night infomercials right! Should I go ahead and say it, "But wait there is more?!"

I would but there really isn't more. A pair of brand name jeans in the stores will set you back about $80, but these 25-year jeans with guarantee are just $85. For a quarter of a century you could be wearing these three-ply 100-percent cotton twill fabric britches!

They are online at a website called Kickstarter, and they say the pants have an extremely rare fabric that is 280 grams, and designed to have a soft feel with rugged durability. They have a reinforced crotch, and military spec hardware on each pair as well. They are made in the good ol' USA, and available for under 100 bucks!

So ,don't worry about what fashion will be in five, 10, or 25 years! These babies are meant truly to send you back to the future!

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