If you are a student who relies heavily on the Internet and sites such as Wikipedia as a research tool for your studies, you're of luck today. Wikipedia blacked out its Web pages as part of a global protest against anti-piracy legislation making its way through Congress.

MSN reported Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales warned students to get their homework done early. Even tech giant Google has gotten in on the protest by covering its name on its home page, as if it were not allowed to speak. Google is still available for search. These sites and many more are using this shut down as a metaphor:  To silence the Internet the same way many in the tech world say will happen if the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and the Protect IP Act in the Senate move forward.

It seems the two bills in question, are supported mainly by the entertainment industry. They hope to stop illegal downloading and streaming of movies and TV shows. But Google and Facebook say the legislation would let federal authorities shut down portions of the Internet without due process, and fundamentally alter the Internet's ability to provide a platform for free speech.

What is your take on this?