Just how far have we sunk in America?  Apparently far enough down to take us from licking the Blue Bell ice cream in the store's freezer, to dropping our pants and peeing on the potatoes in Walmart!

PostGazette.com alerted all of us to the story of what I've dubbed the "Pennsylvania Potato Pee-er".

Last Wednesday night, police in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania were called to the area Walmart after a store employee witnessed a woman cop a squat and pee on the potatoes.  And then simply walked away.

From what we've learned, the police released surveillance footage of the woman and it created such a buzz that the "potato pee-er" actually contacted police to turn herself in.

She's 20 year old Grace Brown and she's facing charges of indecent exposure and public drunkenness.  According to Grace, she was "not thinking" and says she doesn't remember any of the dirty deed.  In fact, the West Mifflin police chief says, "Honestly I think she thought it was a toilet."

Oh, by the way, YES, Walmart did throw away those potatoes and sanitized the area.

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