Man, this is not the news we need to hear. Due to Mother Nature, we could see a potato shortage. Meaning less french fries, or at least higher prices for them, and other potato based products.

The early cold snap and snow in Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota and Canada are mostly to blame according to In North Dakota and Minnesota, entire harvests had to be abandoned because of the snow. It's affected production so much that the U.S. Department of Agriculture thinks there will be a 6.1 percent drop.

Those who provide us with french fries rely on the long potato. However, with the damaged crops this year, less of those will be available. They've had to turn to foreign producers to help make up for the loss. That, in turn, will cause prices to rise.

Travis Blacker with the Idaho Potato Commission told Bloomberg, "French fry demand has just been outstanding lately, and so supplies can’t meet the demand."

Looks like our favorite side dish may taste a little different for a bit.

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