Harry Potter fanatics - don't toss your Halloween costumes just YET. Of course Halloween is on Saturday, so just hold on to them a little bit longer. Why? Because you can enjoy all the inside jokes, witchcraft, and wizardry all over your favorite booze (or boos - get it?)!

The Muggle-less Bar opened in Houston on October 16, but it runs just one more week - through November 8. Now it's not just a bar for any ordinary person. At The Muggle-less Bar, there's trivia, custom drinks for each sorting house, magical eats, a magical atmosphere that will make you feel right at home at Hogwarts, and a costume contest!

Guests get to to take it all in in a 2-hour experience.

What's better? It's a family-friendly space, perfect for teens and children Thursdays to Sundays until 830 p.m. After that time, it's 21 and up for more boozy fun!

So Lauren, where is it? Do I just show up? Do I need to buy tickets? I hear you, so here we go. The Muggle-less Bar is located at 711 Main Street in Houston. Tickets are required and you can buy them here for as low as $20.

I checked for you, and there are only a few more days remaining with openings, so call your closest Harry Potter fanatics and get your trips planned. Be honest, you're probably working from home anyway - so it'll be like...brunch.

I also hear that there will be several photo-op installations so you can tell all your Instagram friends about it. If there are no pictures, it didn't happen!

Before you leave The Muggle-less Bar for the night, you'll also receive your acceptance letter to the Magical School of Wizardry! You can frame that one!

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