Someone in East Texas asked the question: "What are some of the best places in Tyler for hosting holiday parties--particularly for larger groups of people?" 

Believe it or not, it's time to start booking places for your holiday parties--they fill up fast.

Whether you're planning a small gathering for a dozen friends or you've been tasked with planning an office party at the last minute, this list directly from Tyler, Texas locals will be helpful.

What do we mean by "larger groups?" Really, this could include any number that would exceed the normal "walk-in" number. So any number over 12. Thinking more along the lines of 40 - 50 people. A couple of the venues mentioned could host up to 350 plus!

For now, we're just focusing primarily on groups over 12 but under 100.

I've had friends ask me for ideas on where to host Christmas and holiday parties in Tyler, TX. I have a few stock answers--places I love and with which I'm familiar. But anytime anyone asks that question:

I realized I really didn't have as many answers for them as I should, given that I've lived here for so many years. 

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But then, serendipitously, a member in one of the various Facebook groups of which I'm a member posed this same question yet again.

East Texans are just so helpful. Really. One more thing I love about living here. There were quite a few responses, some of which were definitely on my list of favorites. But some of the others, although I'm familiar with them, hadn't even entered my mind as a possibility.

These were the 23 answers most commonly given to the lady's question (and please feel free to add any you think should be on this list):

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