Think about some of the small things in life that make you smile. Do they compare with mine? Check out my list and see!

This morning as a went to pick up breakfast at Chick-fil-A, I found myself hoping that I would be the 100th customer (because honestly, who doesn't want a free Chick-fil-A breakfast?). Well, I guess today was my lucky day, because when I got up to the register they waived the cost and said, "Congrats! You're the 100th customer!"

Check out my list of my favorite moments in life, and comment with yours as well:

  • 1

    100th Customer at Chick-fil-A

    Free food? I'll take it.
    Tom Pennington, Getty Images
  • 2

    Missing All the Red Lights

    Nobody likes to get stopped at those.
  • 3

    Finding a Matching Pair of Socks

    It just makes you feel put together.
    Scott Halleran, Getty Images
  • 4

    Being Ready on Time

    It's a serious accomplishment.
    North Charleston, flickr
  • 5

    Having a Good Hair Day

    Nothing beats it.
    thedisneyfairytale, Tumblr
  • 6

    Finding a Good Sale

    Credit cards ready to go.
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images
  • 7

    Finding Extra Cash

    Extra $20 in my pocket...wonder where that came from.
  • 8

    Catching My Favorite Movie on TV

    Let me clear my entire schedule for the next 2 hours...
    Vestron Pictures
  • 9

    Splurging on Dessert

    No such thing as too much chocolate.
    Kirti Poddar, Flickr
  • 10

    Being Welcomed Home

    Play time. Ready, set, go.