Chicken's seem to be all the rage right now since eggs are in such high demand but what do you feed your new feathery friends once you have them? Well that's easy, but we are answering the hard questions. What do you not feed your chickens?

If you are a newbie or a veteran chicken tender (pun intended) then you know there must be some restrictions when it comes to feeding your chickens. Some of those things not to feed your chickens are pretty obvious and some don't entirely make sense. Chickens are birds and seem to follow the same logic as other birds which is to not feed them bread, it's actually not good for ducks, and instead give them all of mother natures fruits, and vegetables.

Some natural foods though can actually be toxic to chickens to the point of causing death and some can be bad enough to cause some changes in the taste of eggs. For chickens, and most birds, you are what you eat and whether you allow your chickens to free range for themselves or opt to give them store bought food it does make a difference.

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Next time you are cooking at home and have some scraps that seem to be natural take a look at the list we compiled to double check to see if any of those items are on our list. All these foods are not recommended for chickens as they can cause issues and even bad habits in your feathery friends.

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