Most people in East Texas know what it means to work hard to make a living. Nothing in life is handed to you, if you want something you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Especially those working in food service who are getting stretched to their limit. But there is one hard working employee at Cracker Barrel in Lindale who learned a valuable lesson after wrapping up her long work shift.

The story was brought to my attention by the mother of the Cracker Barrel employee. She posted on a Lindale, Texas social media group about what happened to her daughter. The employee/daughter had been working all morning and had just finished her shift and when leaving the popular restaurant she somehow dropped a $100 dollar bill as she was leaving.

The Story Caught Fire Online

While people could say, this is a valuable lesson to make sure your money is put away, the generous community of Lindale went in a more positive direction. All the comments were just about how sad it was to hear about a hard working high school student to have money disappear like that. Showing how great the community of Lindale really is.

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The Money Was Going to Be Used to Replace a Stolen Phone

The hard working high school student was in the process of saving up for a new phone, that was recently stolen as well. But after a few people asked for her Venmo, it didn't take long until the $100 was replaced by kind people in Lindale.

This type of thing doesn't happen everywhere, this is another perfect example of the great people that live here in East Texas.

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