Recently, a woman from Lindale, Texas had a few things to say to those who'd attended a high school football game last weekend and decided to throw their trash anywhere OTHER than a trash CAN.

And I, for one, am in FULL agreement with her.

I understand that when we are excited, hanging out with friends, and focusing on the excitement of the evening at a Lindale/Van high school football game, things like not flinging your trash in the can may seem less important. Hey, I've been there.

At the same time, there are trash receptacles set up all over the place at football games so that it's as easy as possible for you to throw your empty water bottles away.

Is it really so difficult to throw your trash into...ya know...a TRASH CAN?

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Hannah Gebel of Lindale, TX shared her frustration online, albeit in a very gracious way, about leaving the game last Friday night and noticing all of the empty plastic water bottles so casually discarded around the stadium. Although it's hard to see because we're talking clear plastic, here's one of the photos she shared to give you an idea:

Photos courtesy of Hannah Gebel, Lindale, TX
Photos courtesy of Hannah Gebel, Lindale, TX

And here is what she shared in her post: 

"Lindale played a great game tonight at Van and the stadium was full no doubt, but there is no reason for Lindale fans to leave the grounds like this.


We would want respect for our custodians that work late on Friday nights to ensure that we have a beautiful campus worth our pride, and we should teach our kids, and some kids could teach their adults, to clean up after themselves."


AMEN, Hannah!

Don't Mess With Texas. We need to have a bit more pride in our beautiful state--and that includes our high school football stadiums.

And I particularly loved what she said about having respect for the people who work so late to clean up after the fun evening. Show a bit of compassion.

And I LOVE her last statement, too:

"Your momma doesn’t work there and even if she did, respect her enough to pick up your dang water bottles. Do better Lindale…."

YES. It's not up to your Mom, either. It's simple. Throw your trash away. Period. We're better than this. So, as Hannah said, let's DO better.

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