Recently a woman who lives in Lindale, Texas was discussing her disappointment with the mail service there.

Others who live in the area also began to chime in with similar thoughts.

The conversation began on a Facebook social media group page that focuses specifically on the goings-on in Lindale, TX. A woman named Vickie Leigh posed the following concern and question on September 22 to the other members of the group:

"Does anyone besides me have trouble with mailing letters from Lindale’s post office I mail my grandson’s birthday card a week ago today from Lindale he has not got it , I mailed my great grand daughters birthday card Monday from Mineola’s post office and she got it today ! What happened Lindale !!!"

If you live in the Lindale, TX area have you also experienced something like this? Or perhaps anywhere else in East Texas?

I live South of Tyler, and I confess I've not had any issues such as the one Ms. Leigh describes. However, I know various people who have had similar experiences.

Other Lindale area residents shared some of their own experiences in the comments:

Megan Pazos said she was still missing mail that had apparently been sent over a month prior. Mona Gregory shared that she was supposed to receive two titles to vehicles back in July and was still waiting on receiving them. There were a couple who were so disgruntled with their experience that they claimed that the Lindale post office was one of the worst anywhere. Others shared similar thoughts which you read via the original post here.

Others had similar, but different, experiences to share. There were also quite a few who chimed in with solutions to the problem.

Some of the primary suggestions to deal with the issue included going to the Lindale Mail House, which they'd found to be a great solution. Others even suggested mailing only from the main hub in Tyler--the one on Martin Luther King, Jr. One person suggested complaining to the U.S. Postal Service, though others felt that was unlikely to move the lever if you will.

Have an experience you'd like to share? Let me know by sending an email to We may even be able to help you get the word out.

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