105 year old Elizabeth Sullivan will throw out the first pitch when the Texas Rangers take on the Seattle Mariners this afternoon.

She's been doing some practicing before the big day. Sullivan is just now learning to throw overhanded.

“I was throwing underhanded because that’s the way girls did when I was in school 50 or 60 years ago,” Elizabeth told NBC 5 in Dallas.

This is all thanks to a unique relationship she has struck with Dr. Pepper executive Kirk Conger.

You see, Elizabeth loves the fizzy drink and enjoys at least 3 a day.

Conger has pulled a few strings the last few seasons and has gotten Elizabeth seats to watch her favorite baseball team, in a suite no less according to the Dallas Morning News.

Elizabeth has told Kirk that she no one boos her pitch. I have a feeling that anyone that does will be booted from the state.

Elizabeth will be channeling her favorite Ranger when on the mound, Pudge Rodriguez. Yes, he is a Hall of Fame catcher but she liked his ability to throw people out trying to steal a base.

Her momentous first pitch is at 1:05 P.M. today.