Seriously, what is East Texas teaching its kids? I still can't reel in a fish like the one this 13-year-old boy from Tyler caught.

According to the Lake Palestine Resort Facebook, 13-year-old Michael Cazares came to shore with a great haul this past weekend on Lake Palestine. A 40.9 pound blue catfish to be exact. He reeled this beast in on rod and reel with cut shad. The fish was released back into the lake.

The last big catch we announced out of Lake Palestine was a  40.23 pound catfish in late January.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

A friend of mine took his boat out to a few coves over the weekend as he has been waiting for the right time to go. He told me the waters were scarce as the water was measured at 58 degrees when he was out on Saturday.

We're getting close to that magical time on the lake and this catch from Michael is a nice indicator that we're almost there!

Share your biggest catches this season! We love sharing your accomplishments out on the water.

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