If this fish is caught today and posted on social media, it would go viral.

But this monster was pulled out of a Texas lake so long ago, no one seems to know about it.  Til now!

Anglers and historians know about this big catch, and the group Traces of Texas said on its Facebook page that it gets lots of requests to post this picture. This giant sawfish was caught in 1938 near Sabine Pass by Mac Callais, who caught several other giant fish and still holds several Texas records in other categories.  Sabine Pass is an outlet that rolls into the Gulf of Mexico.

This enormous creature was 14-feet long and weighed 650 lbs. It's so big it takes up almost two stories of the Sears store in the photo. Can you imagine muscling that thing out of the water?!  Some of us might see it coming and pass out.  I'm sure you'll have the intestinal fortitude to rise to the challenge, or at least call a buddy that could bring you a protein shake and some backup.

Sawfish used to be common in coastal waters, but Texas Parks and Wildlife says they're gone now.  The bladed snouts had teeth on both sides and they could do some major damage to fishing equipment (and hands I imagine), so fishermen might actually be glad they're not around anymore.  There is a small sawfish that could make a comeback, but biologists think it could take 100 years before we see much of those chainsaw-mouthed little guys.

Since this giant was caught in 1938 before the days of social media, we thought we'd show him off now.  And prove that sometimes legendary Texas fish are so big they don't even need exaggeration.

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