In what looks like a scene from "Smokey and the Bandit" meets "Maximum Overdrive", two 18-wheelers square off while traveling on I-49. You've never seen anything quite like this.

18 Wheeler Fight I-49 Louisiana
Screen Cap Via KTBS

18 Wheeler Fight On I-49 In Louisiana

When it comes to drivers, we often think of truck drivers as some of, if not the best drivers on the road.

They're professionals at this driving thing.

As such, given their experience driving and the countless hours they spend doing it, you would think they're fairly impervious to silly things like road rage.

Think again.

In this video shot by Kristin Hill Wilson of Grand Cane, La, you're going to see something you never thought you'd ever see.

What Hill caught on video is 18-wheelers squaring off with each other while traveling on I-49 in Stonewall, La.

18 Wheelers Playing Chicken on I-49
Screen Cap Via KTBS

As you can see, the other drivers on I-49 immediately begin to distance themselves from the two feuding 18-wheelers.

From -

"The big rig drivers had traffic backed up as they weaved back and forth in front of each other as one tried to stop the other.

Finally, the driver of the rig with the green trailer stopped and got out. His legs can barely be seen in the video as the other driver dodges around him."

Eventually, a 3rd 18-wheeler enters the scene and wants nothing to do with the two raging drivers as he attempts to navigate around them.

Kristin Hill Wilson sums up the entire bizarre, chaotic situation perfectly in one simple word when she says "Dang".

Dang indeed Kristin...dang indeed.

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