It was only a few days ago that this story started picking up a lot of attention online regarding a 66-year-old woman being pulled over and getting a ticket in Houston, Texas for going 2 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. According to WFAA, the ticket was dated for 12-31-2023, although the traffic infraction actually took place on January 3rd of 2022. But before you start jumping all over the Houston Police Department about this incident there is more to this story than was first reported. 

After the story started blowing up online the Houston Police Department started looking into the incident as things didn’t seem to be quite right. The law enforcement agency did find more details on the case and the actual story way different. The offender, Cindy Nguyen, was actually clocked by radar doing 50 in a 35-mph zone but the officer wanted to give her a break on the citation.  

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It’s Amazing How Being Nice to Law Enforcement Can Reduce the Ticket 

The citation took place on Richmond Avenue in Houston, and since the story has gone viral the officer did go in and correct the date of the citation. If this story wasn’t a big deal online, it’s possible the driver could have gotten out of the ticket due to the mistake but now she is probably going to have to pay for her mistake. 

Just Be Kind, You Might Get Out of a Ticket 

First, don’t drive 15 MPH over the speed limit, but if you get caught speeding remember to be respectful to these officers. They are not waking up wanting to write you a ticket, but they want to keep everyone safe. If you get pulled over, be kind, admit your mistake, it’s amazing how just those two simple things can sometimes get you out of a ticket all together. And one more tip, if you get a ticket, don’t try to make it go viral on social media.  

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