Yesterday, I received a notice from the Texas Department of Public Safety that their offices are now fully open. They also said that if your license needs to be renewed, the grace period of driving with an expired driver's license in Texas will come to end as of April 14. So, that means we can't put it off any longer. ;)

And then today, we learn about a new scam that is specifically targeting Texas drivers to try and get access to our personal information.

It feels like there's always some new way scammers are trying to take advantage of us. The most recent warning is for Texas drivers.

Recently, The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation reported "an unknown number of people are receiving emails asking them to validate their profile information including date of birth, social security number, and driver license number," according to CBS Austin.

Alternatively, Texas drivers may find they're experience issues regarding their driver's license beginning in April.

If you receive an email regarding your Texas driver's license, please double check the source. These emails include a link to the "licensing department's" (scammers') website.


And to confirm, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has confirmed these emails did NOT originate with them. They have also said their security team is currently investigating. If you believe you may have received one, please contact the FTC, or Federal Trade Commission, as soon as possible.


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