When most people think about Texas they are probably thinking the Metroplex or the Hill Country, but if you’re looking for gorgeous property in Texas without all the people this property for sale in Jacksonville, Texas might be perfect. When I saw this listing online, I immediately thought this would be a wonderful place to call home, but if you’re looking for an investment like vacation rental property this would bring in a lot of guests too. Whatever you’re looking for this place in Jacksonville, TX will give you everything you need. 

Most adults it seems would love to have some privacy from neighbors and this property at 1239 County Road 1608 offers plenty of that as it comes with 201.39 acres of land. But it’s not just all about the land as the home looks beautiful as well. The home comes with 4 bedrooms, 4 and ½ bathrooms, unfortunately there wasn’t a total of square footage for the house listed but as you will see in the photos below it looks like there is enough room to live comfortably.  

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Spend Time Outdoors in Jacksonville, Texas 

If you like to spend time indoors playing video games this is not the property for you as this place offers stocked lakes and wild game on the property. So, if you’re into hunting and fishing, you might spend all of your time outdoors on this property.  

This Property Will Probably Move Fast 

Whenever you see this much land for sale, it’s going to catch a lot of people's attention. And with the list price of $1,915,000 for over 200 acres, I wouldn’t expect this place to be on the market for too long. Just look at these beautiful photos of this place in Jacksonville, Texas.  

Beautiful Property With 200+ Acres in Jacksonville, TX

If you enjoy hunting and fishing this might be the perfect property for you.

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